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Do You Want To Make Love In Your Bathroom?

This is happening, people. Soon, you will be able to too. And why not? When a loving couple hang out under their own roof, why not make love in the bathroom as well. And for that matter, the kitchen, and the living room too. But because this handsome couple purchased a fairly old property, they were pretty keen to kick-start their bathroom renovation baltimore project the earliest opportunity given to them.

And then they could move on to the kitchen because this is a modern couple who like to do things together. They like to cook together as well. And of course it always takes two to tango in the love department. Because they’re such a modern couple they’ve just got to have a neat home entertainment center jacked up in their living room, another room that is a living work in progress. But in spite of the multiple channels at their disposal, they’re like far too busy necking.

Like the old folks would say; kids, go get a room. Speaking of which, the main bedroom is being turned into a room fit for a king. Or a queen. Utterly feminine tastes are catered for. The woman gets away with it as she takes a leading role in decorating up the place. She is, after all, a natural homemaker. Guys, your all-American ordinary boys, are still a lot more interested in the outdoors. And they’ll want the home garage all to themselves.

Not so much that they need the extra space for DIY work, because that’s already been taken care of, but more to do with the fact that they dream of creating something of a mini man cave. Girls, you know how it is. A man still needs his space.